History of the Award-Winning Southern California Temecula Valley Winery


Flashback to South Coast Winery founder/proprietor Jim Carter as an eight-year old. Growing up in Ohio, he would gather seeds from the huge maple tree outside his home and plant them in his relatives' yards. Early indications that Jim loved digging in the earth and watching things grow.

Now fast-forward to 1981 when James Carter, Sr. introduced his son to a pristine region in southern California with views for miles of the fertile valley below. Perhaps he reminded Jim of his love for growing things as he encouraged him to purchase 400 acres here.

Fast-forward again to the mid-nineties. Picture Jim at the movies, watching "A Walk in the Clouds." The classic vineyards that set the scene reminded Jim of his southern California land. And the story of South Coast Winery Resort & Spa truly began.

Jim analyzed the water, soil and climate here. Finding the conditions ideal, he started digging in the earth once more. He planted and nurtured the finest grapes with his own hands and the help of a hard-working team. Expert winemakers joined the team to create the wines that would establish the winery's reputation for excellence. And becoming a vintner inspired another chapter in Jim's story: building villas, a restaurant and a spa in the middle of 38 acres of his vines.

As Jim tells it, " I wanted to share the complete wine country experience. Guests not only enjoy the finest wines paired with the finest foods, they stay in a private villa right in the middle of a vineyard. The Temecula Valley's only full-service winery-resort gives them a glimpse of our lifestyle in one of the most beautiful places in Southern California." 

It's Jim Carter's unbridled spirit of adventure that has allowed his Southern California Temecula Valley winery resort to garner over 2,500 distinguished awards and medals for the wines its grown and produced in just a few years’ time.  In June of 2016, South Coast Winery broke records with its fourth win in the California Winery of the Year state wine competition.  South Coast Winery brought home the first California State Winery of the Year award to its Southern California Temecula Valley home in 2008 and then followed it up with a back-to-back win in 2009.  It earned the top title in the California State competition again in 2013 and now celebrates its fourth win for 2016.