Massage Treatments at the GrapeSeed Spa


Tranquility is yours for the taking at South Coast Winery Resort & Spa.  To book your indulgent GrapeSeed Spa appointments, please call 951.587.9463 or email To further enhance your GrapeSeed Spa experience, click the button below to see our Spa Cuisine. 


Spa Cuisine at the GrapeSeed Spa


South Coast Classic
Our signature GrapeSeed blend is combined with a rhythmic massage and aromatherapy oils to relieve tension, increase circulation and create an overall sense of well-being. Treatment may be enhanced with a relaxing, detoxifying or uplifting blend and is ideal for couples or your own private time.

50 minutes $115 | 80 minutes $165

South Coast Ultimate Massage
This massage is designed for savvy spa-goers. We want you to be able to pick your perfect customized massage. We will combine warm stone, aromatherapy, Swedish strokes or therapeutic techniques if desired.

50 minutes $155 | 80 minutes $185

Deep Tissue Massage
Enhance your performance with this therapeutic massage, focusing on neuromuscular, deep tissue tension by triggering pressure points to relieve pain and increase range of motion.

50 minutes $145 | 80 minutes $175

Warm Stone Massage
Escape to the ancient traditions of healing stones. This treatment uses our signature aromatherapy oils while smooth stones are placed along the body's meridians to relax and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit into perfect balance.

50 minutes $135 | 80 minutes $165

Deep Relief Back Treatment
Find profound relief with our therapeutic back treatment. Deep massage techniques are used in combination with warm bamboo sticks to achieve total muscle relaxation. A mint, mud masque and warm towels are applied to reduce inflammation, while feet are massaged with peppermint vanilla body butter. A therapeutic neck, shoulder and scalp massage complete this stress-busting treatment.

50 minutes $135 | 80 minutes $165

Pre/Post Maternity Massage
This deeply soothing massage improves circulation and reduces  swelling in her feet and hands. Rich firming illipe butter cream and cooling gel massage reduce water retention for second and third trimesters. Energizing massage treatments hydrate Mom and firm her skin to restore tone and tissue structure once her baby is feeding on its own. (this massage is not recommended in the first trimester.)

50 minutes $115 | 80 minutes $165